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Ultimate MTB Challenge



‘Waling 100: Ultimate MTB Challenge’ is a 100 kilometers International Open Mountain Biking Marathon to be held in Waling Municipality of Syangja District, Gandaki Province, Nepal.
Planned to be held every year starting from 2019, based in the mid-hills of the Great Himalayan Range in Western Nepal, 60 kilometers west of Pokhara, Waling 100 is designed to be one of the toughest one day MTB events in the world. This epic MTB adventure of 100 kilometers has a total ascent of 4000 meters which has to be covered within TEN hours.

Located in the mid-hills of Nepal, under the shadow of the Great Himalayas, surrounding the beautiful Andhi khola valley, this trail offers you an amazing run through a culturally diverse area. Checkered with lush green valleys, rivers, farms, forests and traditional villages, you are set to embrace an amazing adventure.

The first Waling 100 offers one of the highest prize money in the MTB racing world with the title prize of Rs Five Lakhs and a historic opportunity for the Title Winner to name the trail.

Experience the wonder that is Nepal through the hospitality of the people in this mid-hill town, and dare to ride history. Welcome to Wonderful Waling, welcome to Waling 100: Ultimate MTB Challenge.


‘Waling 100: Ultimate MTB Challenge’ is a 100 (One Hundred) kilometers One Day International Open Mountain Bike Marathon to be held every year starting from 2019 at Waling Municipality, Syangja District, Gandaki Province, Nepal.

With a total ascent of around 4000 meters to be pedaled within 10 (TEN) hours, this is designed to be one of the toughest MTB challenges in the world. Lowest Point in the trail lies at 690 meters above sea level. Best described as a Triple Apex Trail, it rises twice to the highest points at 1590 meters above sea level with a 1580 meters peak in the middle.



Registration Opens on 1st January 2019

Normal Registration Closes on 3rd March 2019

Double Charge Registration: 4th–7th March 2019

15% Discount On Registration Till 15th February


15 + 6 =


Title Prize

NPR 500,000






The First Title Winner of the ‘Waling 100: Ultimate MTB Challenge’ will be awarded a cash prize of Five Lakh Nepali Rupees (NRS 500,000). The title prize amount approximates to USD Five Thousand ($5000) depending on the exchange rate at the time of award. The First Title Winner will also get a historic opportunity to name the ‘Trail’.

The rider finishing first among the participants of all categories (can be either male or female) will be awarded the TITLE PRIZE. The winner of the title prize however will not get any other position prizes.
























**40yrs +

Male 10,000

Female 10,000


**50 yrs +

Male 15,000

Female 15,000

Consolation prizes

(5 for each category)

Male 5000

Female 5000


‘Waling 100: Ultimate MTB Challenge’ is organized under the patronage of the Local Government. Wonderful Waling Tourism Development Organisation set up under the Office of the Executive of Waling Municipality of Syangja District, Gandaki Province of Nepal is the responsible authority for the competition.

This event is supported by the Ministry of tourism of the Government of Nepal, Nepal Tourism Board, Ministry of Tourism of Gandaki Province and District Coordination Committee of Syangja. The event is managed and marketed jointly by Garauhsur Religious Tourism Center, Waling Chamber of Commerce and Waling Adventure Private Limited with support from Pokhara Mountain Bike Adventure, Borderlands Nepal and Rescue 3 South Asia.

Event Director

Dinesh Tiwari


Rescue & Medic Director

Chandra Ale

Regional Director

Rescue 3 South Asia



Athletes of all nationality are eligible to participate in ‘Waling 100: Ultimate MTB Challenge’. Participating athletes should be 18 years or older on the day of the competition.

Valid visa and insurance is mandatory for all participants even after an online registration is confirmed.

In order to maintain high standards of fair play and safety, race etiquette, environmental etiquette and trail regulations have been formalized by the organizers. Failure on the part of the participants to adhere to these will also result in penalty or disqualification.


Every rider must possess appropriate travel insurance and sign a waiver, during the on-spot registration a day before the race, releasing the organizers of all liabilities in case of accident or illness during the competition.


Qualified rescue professionals from Rescue 3 South Asia will be deployed during the race.
At least one air ambulance and five road ambulances will be kept stand by for the entire duration of the event. Guided practices will also be adequately supported by ambulance on 
call. During the race, TEN first aid points will be maintained at regular intervals.


A Bike Shop equipped with spares and reasonably qualified mechanic will be set up at the venue. Mandatory bike check up will be held a day prior ie. 31st Jan 2019.



The aim of the organizers is to ensure safety
of the participants and maintain a healthy
adventure opportunity for them. We are
committed to support a high standard of fair
play. A strict concern for ecological balance
aiming at a sustainable tourism in the locality
remains a top priority of the organizers.
These considerations will be reflected in the
management and conduct of the event as well as
in choosing sponsorship partners for the event.
Participants will have to take prior consent from
the organizers for displaying sponsors logo.


A total of 10 (TEN) check points will be
maintained in the course. Competitors will have
to check in and sign their name at all the checkpoints
to qualify for the prizes or completion
certificates. The check points will also be doubled
as snacks / water and first aid point.


The riders are requested to read and understand
the rules, regulations & guidelines set by the
organizers and follow them to the letter & spirit.
‘Race Rules-2019’ is attached as Annexure
II. Further detailed and updated instructions
will be emailed to the riders on confirmation of
registration, and live update will be posted on
the official facebook page of the competition as
well as the website


The trail is open for practice starting from 10th Dec 2018. The final markings on the trail, along with a guided tour on request will be available for confirmed participants starting from 1st Jan
2019. Practice on the trail will not be allowed after 26th Jan 2019.


Three cut off points will be maintained at 25km,
50 km and 75 km for the race. Keeping in mind
the progression of the race, day light conditions
and safety issues, the riders will be diverted to
the finish point after the cutoff time limit.
The timing of the cutoff limit will be conveyed
to the competitors during the technical briefing
a day prior to the race but will be justifiable by
international standard of races in general.
Competitors should complete 100 km within TEN
HOURS to qualify for the title and position prizes.
Participants will however get certificates of
completion for 25km and 50 km if diverted at the
cutoff points due to time and safety constraints.


Protests and appeals will be accepted up to
after 10 (TEN) minutes of the final results being
announced and posted at the Main Event
Notice Board. All protests and appeals will
be deliberated upon by the Protest Handling
Committee (PHC, Annexure I) and a decision
given within 15 (fifteen) minutes of the time the
protest is lodged. The decision of the PHC will be
considered final.



Tourist or working visa is mandatory for foreigners other than Indian Citizens to participate in the event. On arrival visa is granted at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu and at the immigration offices at the border entry points.
Visa Fee: 15 Days – 25 USD, 30 Days – 40 USD, 90 Days – 100 USD At Kathmandu’s Tribhuvan Airport the fee is
payable in USD. Children under ten require a visa
but are not charged a visa fee. Extension of Visas
can be done at Pokhara and Kathmandu.
For updated or more detailed information,
please refer to the website of Nepal Government
immigration office:


Nearest airport from Waling is 60 Kilometers away
at Pokhara. More than ten flights are available
from Kathmandu to Pokhara every day. Tourist
bus services are available from Kathmandu and
Lumbini to Waling. Pokhara to Waling is connected
by local transport ie Route Bus and taxi. Vehicles
for hire are also easily available.


Logistics support for the participants, for e.g.
transportation, guide, and additional service not
included in the registration facilities pledged
by the organisers will be provided by Waling
Adventures Pvt Ltd.
Email: walingadventure@gmail.com
Contact: +977-9856024797


Registration Opens – 1st Jan 2019


Trail open for practice 10th Dec 2018

Normal Registration Closes 3rd Mar 2019

Double Charge Registration 4th – 7th Mar 2019

Trail Closed for practice 5th Mar 2019

Final Registration Check 7th Mar 2019

Technical Briefing, Bike and Equipment  Check 1000 hrs. 7th Mar 2019

Opening Ceremony 8th Mar 2019

Event Day 9th Mar 2019

Reporting 0630 hrs

GO 0700 hrs

Prize Distribution 1830 hrs

Cultural Show & Dinner 2000 hrs


Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible

12 + 2 =

Event Director
Dinesh Tiwari (Dinkar Nepal)
Mob: +977-9816176414
Email: dinkar.nepal@yahoo.com